Phase 1: FeasibilityPhase 2: ConceptPhase 3: EngineeringPhase 4: DocumentationPhase 5: Support

Design_VennDiagramNot all ideas fall within the realm of what is possible and it is our job to help you determine where your project lands.  We believe strongly that “just because you can, does not mean you should”.  Our feasibility studies and evaluation process test the viability of an idea through a disciplined and regimented process.  We research, analyze, experiment, and if necessary go back to the drawing board.  If a concept does not pass muster, all efforts are made to determine if there are viable alternatives which can provide all the intended benefits of the predecessor.  Our customers trust us to be forthright and frank during this phase – Time and money are equally valuable and we believe in conserving them for our customers.

Concept Development - Gyroscope - Oak Avenue EngineeringEvery project originates from an idea.  Understanding that idea is the foundation of OAE’s engineering and design process.  We start by putting emphasis on communication, as having a well understood and well thought out concept is critical for long term success.

You can bring us anything from CAD drawings to a coffee stained napkin sketch and we will work with you to transform it into a production ready documentation package.  OAE takes pride in working with clients who are at all stages of concept development. Our goal is to help you achieve a finished product no matter where the design starts.

Engineering Diagram Gyroscope - Line DrawingThis phase is the meat and potatoes of any project.  We establish concrete requirements, specifications and an honest timeline, defining the project scope.  These three pillars guide the engineering and design process.  With the project foundation established, we can begin our design and engineering efforts.  Decisions made at this stage are crucial, and can have a great impact on cost, timeline, and the quality of the final product.   We are committed to communicating clearly throughout the entire process.  You will always know the status of your project.

Measured-Engineering-Drawing-from-Documentation-PacketWith finalized engineering and design in hand at the end of phase three, the transition from creating something to communicating what we have created can begin.  OAE’s company core value of clarity can be seen in our production documentation, from assembly instructions to fabrication drawings.  We view our documentation packages as vehicles to showcase our commitment to communication.  We deliver our customers everything they need to turn their idea, now a well-engineered product, into physical reality.

This is where the transition between ideas and the material world can begin. OAE’s dedication to clarity, not just as hyperbole, but as a core value, is most visible at this stage. We are dedicated to providing impeccable product documentation, from assembly instructions to fabrication drawings. We deliver our customers everything they need to turn their idea, as a well-engineered product, into a real product.

Manufactured Product - Finished Design - Gyroscope by Oak Avenue Engineering LLCOAE offers post production troubleshooting and support on every project. Partnering with manufacturers large and small allows us to fit your desired production scale. We stand by our work throughout the production process, and the product life, addressing any issues that occur, even beyond the end of our engineering work.