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High quality, fast turn prototypes are a growing market.  With the rise of crowd-funding and the maker movement, being able to see, touch and present a previously imaginary idea has become an indispensable tool for impressing investors and audiences.

At Oak Avenue Engineering we pride ourselves on prototypes that accurately provide the feel and function of the end product.  You can expect to have an abundance of options to choose from when developing your prototype.  You control the color choice, material selection, and surface finish to name only a few parameters.  Ultimately, we want you to be satisfied and comfortable with every stage of Our Process.

Whether your project is best-suited for 3D printing, quick turn milling, or formed components, OAE will provide you with a quality prototype that is ready to impress with a rapid turnaround. 

Have a great idea? A general question on a project? Want to say hi? Contact us today!