“Define what measures quality at the very beginning, be mindful and respectful of those parameters throughout the timeline, revisit and qualify your results at the finish.”

Quality isn’t easily quantified unless you apply specific, measurable parameters.  For every customer, these parameters are unique and defining them is integral to our process.  Let us help you select the right things to measure and together ensure your project is a success.

“Bring all of your ideas to the table without exception, refine and par these to the essential, and forge the final solution from the best there is to offer.”

At OAE, Creativity means elegant solutions to complicated problems, not over engineered designs that dilute the end results. Combining research and analysis with innovation goes a long way toward a balanced but ingenious resolution. Let us get creative on your behalf and develop the solution that fits your challenge like a glove.

“Receive complete customer clarity from start to finish, without exception, and walk away knowing that every step was taken to achieve your goals.”

OAE was founded on the ideal of Complete Customer Clarity:  C³ ™. The C³ ™ approach provides our customers with total project transparency from start to finish. We start by ensuring that the project is equally understood by all parties involved – clear communication requires mutual understanding. While the project plan is in action, we use a customer specific communication format and frequency, delivering project information and updates – decisions that drive progress are easy when you have all the information at hand. Once a project is complete, OAE reviews and quantifies the results through our predetermined quality parameters to ensure all goals are met – customer satisfaction by design, not chance.